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Google Director Interview Questions You Should Practice

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Preparing for a Google director interview can be daunting, and you can expect high-stake and challenging questions. That’s appropriate, considering at Google, a director is at Level 8 or 9, relatively high on the ladder. VPs are at level 10, a level above directors. Managers at Level 7 are one level below directors. Directors at Google manage a significant project, product, or area and have a group of people that work with them.

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This article focuses on Google director interview questions to help you prepare for your next Google director interview. Read ahead to learn more!

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Sample Google Director Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
  • Top Google Director Interview Questions for Practice
  • Top Google Director of Strategy and Operations Interview Questions
  • Sample Google Director of Engineering Interview Questions
  • FAQs on Google Director Interview Questions

Sample Google Director Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

We’ll begin with some sample Google director interview questions and how you can answer them to get a basic idea of what to expect. Your answers should be original and specific to your experience.

Q1. Talk about an issue in your previous positions you weren’t able to resolve.

This question tests your ability to make an effort and the sense of knowing when to let go. Your answer should show the desire to reassess the situation as needed, make things work, and your efforts in that direction. But it should also show the emotional security and maturity not to try to make it work, risking taking away time from other projects that are working out.

Q2. How do you work with people who have different ideas than yours?

This question tests if you see the diversity of ideas as an opportunity to celebrate or an obstacle. It also tests your ability to keep your ego in check, keep professional opinions from disrupting professional obligations, be tolerant, and do what’s best for the company's target.

Q3. What kind of work environment would you prefer to work in?

Your answer to this question should reflect the environment where you can be your most productive self and grow long-term matches with their company’s environment. You can talk about a respectful work environment, disagreeing amicably, a solution-focused environment, etc.

Q4. How do you deal with criticism?

Your answer should show maturity, grace, open-mindedness, lack of reactivity, a solution-focused approach, and a desire to grow. You can talk about steps you can take from that feedback to make things better for yourself and your team.

Q5. How do you efficiently manage your workload?

To answer this question, talk about the strategies and tools you use to manage your time. Talk about the technique that works for you. You can talk about your task tracking tools, keeping a timer to avoid distractions, the way you prioritize tasks in terms of importance or urgency, etc.

Top Google Director Interview Questions for Practice

Here are some top Google director interview questions. Ensure you can solve them before your interview:

  1. How do you tell if a calculator is 8-bit or 16-bit?
  2. Where do you want to see yourself in 1 year?
  3. Tell us about your management style.
  4. What interests you about the role? 
  5. What are your greatest strengths?
  6. Tell me something about yourself that is not in your resume.
  7. What are your biggest achievements, and what are you most proud of in your career?
  8. Are you good at multitasking? 
  9. How many pens would fit in a plane? 
  10. What traits do you most value in yourself and your team?
  11. Why do you want the job?

Top Google Director of Strategy and Operations Interview Questions 

Lastly, let’s look at some Google director of Strategy and Operations interview questions.

  1. How to design an eCommerce system?
  2. How do you handle ambiguity?
  3. What actions do you take to make sure you reach your long-term goals?
  4. How do you prioritize your tasks?
  5. How do you motivate your team members?
  6. How do you keep calm when a project is going off the plan?
  7. Talk about a time when you had to let someone in your team go.
  8. How would you prepare the annual departmental budget?
  9. How would you close a deal with a client?
  10. How do you prepare financial reports?
  11. How would you interact with displeased clients?

Sample Google Director of Engineering Interview Questions

Lastly, here are some technical Google director of Engineering interview questions. Ensure you can solve them before your interview:

  1. Deploy a hypothetical team to both maintain an existing service while designing & building its replacement
  2. How would you drive a change in the type of software development process? Describe the factors you’d consider and your step-by-step approach to it.
  3. How would you convince your team about the viability of a new concept? 
  4. What did you learn from the most challenging task you have faced in your career so far?
  5. How will you support an underperforming team-mate catch up with the rest of the team?
  6. Describe your role in increasing the revenues of your previous employer.
  7. Talk about a situation where you managed a company-wide emergency.
  8. What, according to you, is our company doing right?
  9. What can we improve upon here as a company, and how do you suggest we approach the improvement?
  10. How would you build an efficient work team?
  11. Talk about the difficulty in a past project and how you handled it.
  12. How do you delegate tasks and make sure they are completed on time?

We hope that this list of Google director interview questions will help you crack your tech interview. To prepare better, practice some mock interviews and read our guide to 12 key preparation tips to crack an interview.

FAQs on Google Director Interview Questions

Q1. What are some common Google director interview questions?

Google director interview questions include a mix of management, technical, and process-related questions. Questions like, “How would you deal with a situation where an employee didn't want to do a role.”, “Tell us about an interesting personal facet that’s not in your resume.” and “Talk about your management style.” are pretty common.

Q2. At what level does a director work at Google?

A Google director works at Level 8 or 9 at Google.

Q3. Who do directors report to at Google?

Directors typically report to other directors like Managing directors (MDs) or Vice Presidents (VPs). 

Q4. How many managers and directors are there in Google?

Google has tens of thousands of employees but just around 5,000 managers and 1,000 directors. The number of VPs is even less, around 100.

Q5. How do you go for a Google director role?

If you want to be a director at Google and are sure of it, the next step would be to talk to a mentor about the pathway to your goal. Take on more responsibilities, increase your skillset, and then you can ask for your promotion!

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