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Amazon Front-end Engineer Interview Questions You Should Prepare

by Interview Kickstart Team in Interview Questions
October 14, 2022

Amazon Front-end Engineer Interview Questions You Should Prepare

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Front-end Engineers are responsible for the code and design of the user-side of web pages and applications. They develop graphics, layouts, and visuals for user engagement. Amazon aims to hire only the best engineers. The competition is so stiff that only 2-3% of the thousands of applicants clear Amazon’s interviews.

Amazon pays its Front-end Engineers well for their skillset, along with other perks. Amazon Front-end Engineer salaries in the US range from $86,400 to $210,000 per year, with an average salary of about $149,485 per year. 

To ace your Amazon Front-end interview, you need to hone your skills in CSS, JavaScript, HTML, C++/Java/Python, Angular/Polymer/Backbone/Closure, UI design, system design, and problem-solving in a limited time. To help you put these skills into practice, we've compiled a list of Amazon Front-end Engineer interview questions that will get you started on the right track.

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This article focuses on Amazon Front-end interview questions to help you prepare for your next Amazon Front-end interview. Read ahead to learn more!

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Top Amazon Front-end Interview Questions and Answers
  • Sample Amazon Front-end Interview Questions for Practice
  • Amazon Front-end Interview Questions for Experienced Professionals
  • FAQs on Amazon Front-end Interview Questions

Top Amazon Front-end Interview Questions and Answers

We’ll begin with some sample Amazon Front-end interview questions and answers to get a basic idea of what to expect.

Q1. Differentiate between centralized and distributed version control systems.

Centralized version control system stores all the file versions on a central server, and none of the developers have a complete copy of the files in the local system. So if the central server fails, all the project's data is lost. 

However, in a distributed version control system, all developers have a copy of their system's code versions. Hence, this system removes the need for a single backup location, enables them to work offline, and ensures that there is no danger when the server crashes.

Q2. Name a few Git Commands and state their function.

The command Git Config helps in configuring the user name and email, while Git init is used to initialize a local git repo. The Git Commit command commits changes to the head but not the remote repository, and Git Merge merges a branch into an active branch. Git Push uploads data from the local to a remote repository, and Git Pull gets and downloads data from a remote repository.

Q3. How can we ensure a web design is user-friendly?

As a Front-end developer, visualizing the design for the app closely with the user experience team, testing the web app, taking user feedback, and ensuring the app runs smoothly on different platforms and phones will help create a user-friendly web design.

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a Front-end Engineer here. 

Q4. What is data binding? What kind of data binding does Angular use?

Data binding is a way to manipulate web page elements through a web browser. We use it in interactive features like forms, calculators, tutorials, and web page games. Angular uses two-way data binding. 

Q5. What are AoT and JiT compilations?

AoT compilation refers to Ahead of Time compilation, where code translation occurs while the code builds and not when it’s downloaded or run in the browser– increasing the content tendering speed.

JiT compilation refers to Just in Time compilation, where the computer code is converted into machine code during code execution (dynamic compilation).

If you want exclusive tips to crack the Front-end interview, here are 6 steps to crack the Front-end interview.

Sample Amazon Front-end Interview Questions for Practice

Here are some Amazon Front-end interview questions. Ensure you can solve them before your interview:

  • If you have five different stylesheets, how would you best integrate them into the site?
  • Describe three ways to decrease the page load, both perceived and actual load time.
  • Describe a recent technical challenge you experienced and how you handled it.
  • What is Flash of Unstyled Content? How do you avoid FOUC?
  • Explain some of the pros and cons of CSS animations versus JavaScript animations.
  • If you could choose one technology to master this year, what would it be?
  • You just joined a project where they used tabs, but you use spaces. How would you handle that?
  • Differentiate between progressive enhancement and graceful degradation.
  • Talk about your preferred development environment.
  • What’s the significance of standards and standards bodies?

Want to know how much an Amazon Front-end Engineer earns? Check out our article on Amazon Front-end Engineer Salary for all the details about the compensation package.

Amazon Front-end Interview Questions for Experienced Professionals

Lastly, take a look at these technical Amazon Front-end interview questions. Ensure you can solve them before your interview:

  • Find the largest subset of unique numbers in an array of numbers.
  • Write a UI component using any framework
  • Implement a stack
  • Print brackets in Matrix Chain Multiplication Problem
  • Design a flashing card system
  • How would you check if two binary trees are identical?
  • Create a rating component that would be used on a product listing page.
  • How would you reverse a linked list?
  • What is a closure, and how/why would you use one?

We hope that this list of Amazon Front-end interview questions will help you crack your tech interview. To crack Front-end interviews at top companies and land high-paying salaries, you need to know what the interview process is like and accordingly plan your prep. Here is the Front-end Engineer interview process at FAANG+ companies.

Practice some mock interviews and read our guide to 12 key preparation tips to crack an interview to prepare better.

FAQs on Amazon Front-end Interview Questions

Q1. Do Front-end developers need to know algorithms for interviews at Amazon?

As a Front-end developer, you generally need to know some standard algorithms. Given the competitive nature of Amazon interviews, you do need to bring your A game. However, in some development roles in other companies, knowing data structures and algorithms is not a requirement and may not be tested in the interview.

Q2. Should I learn Front-end or Full Stack?

In terms of salary, Full Stack developers tend to earn higher wages than Front-end or Back-End developers. It’s often better to hire a candidate with both front and Back-End skills for a slightly higher salary than hiring two people for the same job.

Q3. What are some of the most popular Front-end languages?

HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, jQuery, and Swift are some of the most popular Front-end languages.

Q4. How is data stored on the Front-end?

Data storage options in the Front-end include web storage (local and session storage), indexedDB, cookies, web SQL database, and filesystem API.

Q5. What are some core technical skills required by a Front-end developer at Amazon?

Core skills you need to be a Front-end developer include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks, libraries, and version control.

How to Crack a Front-end Engineer Interview

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Hosted By
Ryan Valles
Founder, Interview Kickstart
Our tried & tested strategy for cracking interviews
How FAANG hiring process works
The 4 areas you must prepare for
How you can accelerate your learnings
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