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Interview Kickstart will 10x your engineering skills even if you’re not looking for a job, and if you are, it will 10x your lifestyle as well. You will learn fundamental problem solving approaches that will help you win at tech interviews but more so, be a better problem solver at anything you encounter. Expect to be surprised at the offers you get once you successfully complete the program.

Nirmal Thacker

Ph.D. - University of Southern California


Interview Kickstart is like a fitness coach which guides to achieve your dream job. It can help you identify your weak points and also suggest steps to improve them.

Swapnil Tailor

Facebook, Google, Uber


I can't think of a better recipe for technical interview success than combining Interview Kickstart program with hard work. I participated in the August 2017 cohort and received offers at nearly all of the companies I interviewed at, including the two FANG companies that I interviewed at.

Michael H.


Top instructors, coaches, and interviewers from Google

Snehal Thakkar
Ph.D. - University of Southern California
Adrian Fernandez
M.S. - Universidad Argentina de la Empresa
LinkedIn, ex-Google
Ke Li
B.S. - University of Michigan
Google, ex-Amazon
Anya Oleinikova
B.A. - UC Berkeley
Soumya Kethu
B.S. - Carnegie Mellon University
Johnny Zhou
M.S - Stanford University
Google, ex-Uber
David García Quintas
M.S. - Universidad de Oviedo
Waymo, ex-Google
Nafi Ur Rashid
M.S - UC San Diego

Interviewing is a Skill

Top tech companies like Google get thousands of applicants and deliberately make it hard for you to get in.

  • Are expected to prepare for the interview.
  • Are tested on core CS Data Structures and Algorithms rather than your own domain.
  • Have to come up with solutions to complex problems in a short span of time.
  • Are asked to articulate your assumptions, your decisions and your solutions.
  • Have to code on a whiteboard, an unfamiliar coding platform, on a sheet of paper or a shared doc.

IK Prep - Designed for Success

Designed to crack the toughest coding and system design interviews

Comprehensive Curriculum


Rigorous Mock Interviews

Rigorous Mock

Plenty of 1 x 1 Help

Plenty of
1 x 1 Help

Personalized Feedback


Career Skills Development

Career Skills

Salary Negotiation


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Solve Unseen Problems

Solve Unseen Problems

Recognize patterns in interview problems and rehearse them until you feel prepared.
Overcome Interview Anxiety

Overcome Interview Anxiety

You're good at what you do, but anxiety kills your interviews. Get over it with prolific practice.
Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you do well in our programs, and still don’t land a better job in next 6 months, then we’ll refund half of the tuition.