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Top Instructors from
FAANG and Tier-1 Companies

The best people to teach you how to crack interviews at top companies. Those who have been there, done that.

Each of our instructors is from a top tier company and undergoes a rigorous selection & training process before teaching classes.

Yuval Scharf



Manoj Krishnan


Omkar Deshpande

Solve Algorithms & Systems Design
Questions using Power Patterns

We teach our students proprietary patterns with which they can solve even unseen problems correctly and quickly.

Algorithms & Data Structures

  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Strings
  • Linked Lists, Stacks and Queues
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Recursion & Backtracking
  • Trees & its Variants
  • Graphs and its Variants

Systems Design

  • Object Modeling/API Design
  • Concurrency
  • Scalable Systems

Well Structured, Comprehensive Program

Our structured learning
program works

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No more struggling to learn from multiple different sources

No more spending months or years interviewing unsuccessfully

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Technical & Behavioral Coaching - Whenever You Want

Never get stuck on a problem. Our team of technical and behavioral coaches, also from top tier companies, are passionately committed to helping you succeed.

You can book sessions even daily if you want.

Highly Realistic,
FAANG-Style Mock Interviews

Practice interviewing with FAANG Hiring Managers, and get over your interview anxiety.

Get detailed feedback after each mock interview - something you never get from real interviews.

Designed for
Working Professionals

All classes are live, online, and held outside of normal office hours - in the evenings or on weekends.

This allows you to prepare for interviews alongside your job.

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