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"The best apart about IK is that they aren't necessarily teaching you how to crack interviews through short cuts. The entire curriculum is setup in a way to improve your engineering skills as well as problem solving skills.You'll still need to grind to land your dream job/position, but IK's support through their curriculum, instructors and coaching is absolutely worth the money you'll pay."

Pratik Agarwal

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"Interview Kickstart was worth every hour and every dollar. I am now working at my dream job and it would never have been possible otherwise."

Kelsi Lakey

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"I Used interview kickstart to brush up on my tech interview skills and I have gained a lot of knowledge + confidence through their algorithm classes. I managed to earn 7 offers including FAANG."

Yixie Li

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"IK program is a great way to prepare for interviews while working full-time. It provides an efficient schedule, focuses on the important aspects of interviews and adds structure to the preparation. The instructors are experienced and have a knack for teaching. Mock interviews are the most helpful part of the entire curriculum. I found out exactly what I did wrong before interviewing in the real world."

Harisha Chemuru

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The cost of Interview Kickstart courses depends on many factors, including:

Your domain
Your experience and target role
The pathway you choose
The payment method

We also upgrade our courses regularly to keep up with the latest trends and developments in technical interviews. The webinar will give you a clear picture of which program and path works best for you.

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Choose from 18 domain- and role-specific interview courses — An industry first!

Each course is designed and taught by FAANG+ experts in the domain, tailored to help you nail the toughest interviews:

Back-end Engineering
Front-end Engineering
Full Stack Engineering
Test Engineering
iOS Engineering
Android Engineering
Data Engineering
Data Analyst & Business Analyst
Data Science
Machine Learning
Embedded Systems
Security Engineering
Site Reliability Engineering
AWS Cloud Solutions Architecture
Technical Program Manager
Product Manager (Tech)
Engineering Manager
Early Engineering
* The course fee will vary depending on the pathway/modules and payment method you choose.

100% Money-back Guarantee**

If you do well in our course but still don't land a domain-relevant job within the post-program support period, we'll refund 100% of the tuition you paid for the course. Want more information?

IK alums who upleveled in 2021 got an average salary hike of 53%

The cost of an Interview Kickstart program is not an expense but an exceptionally rewarding investment. Our alums consistently land big offers from FAANG and Teir-1 tech companies.

$75K - $200K
Salary hike range for candidates who chose to level up
Highest number of offers received by an alum
Engineers trained over the last 7 years

From improving problem-solving to eliminating interview anxiety, we have you covered!

In-Depth Curriculum

Designed by engineers from FAANG+, the programs cover data structures, algorithms, systems design, core domain topics, and behavioral interviews.

Learn From FAANG Instructors

Get trained by industry experts who are hiring managers and technical leads at FAANG companies. Learn more about IK’s highly qualified instructors here.

Proprietary Teaching Methods

Learn to solve unseen problems based on their patterns. No other platform can teach you this.

Mock Interviews and Personalized Feedback

Live mock interviews and 1-on-1 mentorship with instructors from FAANG and tier-1 companies. Get personalized, structured, and actionable feedback.

Career Skills Development

Land FAANG interviews by optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile. Improve your soft skills and personal branding.

Salary Negotiation

Assistance while negotiating your salary at big tech firms to unlock bigger and better offers.

All our programs are designed for working professionals like you

Evening & Weekend Classes

Intense, but designed to fit into your work and life schedule.

Remote Learning

Participate in live classes remotely.

Long Support Period

To help you catch up with everything that we offer.

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