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FAANG Interview Prep Live MasterClass

Stop Failing Technical Interviews. Get Trained by FAANG Hiring Managers. Ready to get started?

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Google, Facebook & other top companies love hiring our candidates






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Why cracking tech interviews at Tier 1 companies is really tough


  • Are tested on core CS Data Structures and Algorithms rather than your own domain
  • Have to come up with solutions to complex problems in a short span of time
  • Are asked to articulate your assumptions, your decisions, and your solutions
  • Have to code on a whiteboard, an unfamiliar coding platform, on a sheet of paper or a shared doc
  • Have to excel on the behavioral questions in addition to the coding questions

How IK’s Masterclass Preps You to Succeed

FAANG & Tier 1 Hiring Managers: Learn from the absolute best
Live Classes:  For both behavioral and technical curriculum, for maximum comprehension
Live 1-1 Technical & Career Coaching: Ask FAANG technical leads and recruiters all your questions
15 Live Mock Interviews: Interview with a FAANG hiring manager of your choice. Get detailed feedback
Live 1-1 Negotiation support: Because the first offer is never the best
Designed for Working Professionals: Only weekend and evening sessions, with a long, 6 month support period.

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Taught Live by FAANG+ Instructors

Our Instructors are Tech Leads and Hiring Managers at Coveted Tech Companies

Yuval Scharf
M.S - The Technion - Israel
Institute of Technology
AirBnB, ex-Google, ex-Box
Omkar Deshpande
Ph.D, Stanford University
Interview Kickstart, Kosmix (acquired)
Manoj Krishnan
Ph.D - Washington State University
Facebook, ex-VMware
Anya Oleinikova
B.A. - UC Berkeley
Johnny Zhang
M.S - Fudan University
Uber, ex-Amazon
Ke Li
B.S. - University of Michigan
Google, ex-Amazon
Nick Camilleri
BA, Santa Clara University
Tasneem Minadakis

Soumya Kethu
B.S. - Carnegie Mellon University
Rico Curry
B.S. - The University of Toledo
Airbnb, ex-Google


Our 4000+ alumni credit our programs for their success

Each instructor-led session was packed with information and there were lots of problems to practice. The course was intense, but it was a great use of my time.
Neelesh Tendulkar
Google, Intuit
Interview Kickstart is like a fitness coach which guides to achieve your dream job. It can help you identify your weak points and also suggest steps to improve them.
Swapnil Tailor
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
The classes, workshops, quizzes, practice problems, and mock interviews provided me with the knowledge, tools, and the feedback that I was missing. Interview Kickstart showed me how to prepare for success.
Flavia Vela
LinkedIn, Amazon
I can't think of a better recipe for tech interview success than combining the Interview Kickstart program with hard work. The program made my prep much more effective and eliminated surprises from the interview process.
Michael Huston
Databricks, Amazon, Airbnb
IK helped me craft an effective interview strategy around problem scoping, deciding tradeoffs and coding fluency. Their mock interviews helped me benchmark my performance. I got offers from Amazon and Facebook!
Arvind Ranganathan
Facebook, Amazon, Iterable
IK provides a nice, structured way to prepare for interviews while having a full-time job. Mock interviews helped me get better and the problem sets alleviated the need for me to source problems externally.
Kushal L
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Program Curriculum

Our curriculum is 100% updated as we work with current FAANG hiring managers to design the program. In our technical classes, we cover core concepts in Algorithms, Data Structures, and Systems Design as these form the core of technical interviews across all technical domains.  For domain-specific preparation, you can take domain-specific mock interviews & technical coaching sessions.

We’ll cover the following topics as part of the program:

First 2 Months

Technical Coaching

Algorithms & Data Structures

  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Recursion & Backtracking
  • Strings
  • Trees & its Variants
  • Linked Lists, Stacks and Queues
  • Graphs and its Variants
  • Dynamic Programming

System Design

  • Object Modeling/API Design
  • Concurrency
  • Scalable Systems
Next 6 Months

Career Skills Coaching

  • Interview Success Strategy
  • Building a FAANG-ready resume & LinkedIn profile
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Offer Negotiation & Strategy

Live Mock Interviews

You can take the 15 mock interviews at any time during the program. Some of the key features of our Mock Interviews:

  • Interview with current FAANG Hiring Managers: Get the most realistic experience possible
  • Flexible Schedule:  Choose when you want to interview
  • Choose Interview Area: Technical or behavioral, for your specific domain, for a specific level, or for a specific company
  • 15 Live Mock Interviews: Interview with a FAANG hiring manager of your choice. Get detailed feedback
  • Detailed Feedback: Verbal, written and recorded
  • Remote interview Experience: Mirrors the current format of 100% remote interviews at all tech companies.

Program Structure

We have multiple cohorts starting each month and each cohort goes through the program together.

Before the program Begins:

  • Onboarding session - We’ll explain everything you need to know to complete the program and succeed
  • Career Alignment session - We’ll understand which roles and/or companies you are targeting and customize your learning accordingly

First 2 Months: Technical Coaching

The weekly schedule will be as follows:

  • Friday - You’ll get the pre-class study material for the next week’s topic
  • Sunday - Live Class on the week’s topic with a Tier 1 Tech Instructor
  • Monday to Wednesday - Solve practice problems
  • Thursday - Live Timed Test on the week’s topic, followed by a discussion

Next 6 Months: Career Skills Coaching

  • Live classes on each of the career skills will be scheduled each Sunday.

Anytime during the 8-month program

  • 15 Live Mock Interviews - Advisable to take them after the 2-month technical program, but if you have interviews lined up, then you can take them earlier as well.
  • Unlimited Live Technical Coaching Sessions - If you get stuck on any problem or topic, just book a technical coaching session with a FAANG instructor
  • Unlimited Live 1-1 Career Coaching Sessions - Get advice from FAANG recruiters on interview strategy, which companies/roles to target, how to get recruiter calls & more
  • Unlimited Live 1-1 Career Coaching Sessions - Get advice from FAANG recruiters on interview strategy, which companies/roles to target, how to get recruiter calls & more

Upcoming Cohorts & Availability Status

We have a maximum of only 40 students in each cohort, so book your seat early.

August 2020

Aug 5: Full
Aug 12: Last few seats available

Ready to Enroll Or Have Questions?

Program Fee

Our students realize that the program fee is not an expense but an exceptionally rewarding investment. With many students securing offers for lucrative positions at top tech companies, returns on this investment can range between 10 to 40 times within the first year. 

Lee Wang, a student who completed this program and landed an offer from a FAANG company, had this to say in a review on Quora -

“The program cost is nothing if you are able to take your career to the next level. For me, the program was worth every single penny.”

Suraj M. who got offers from multiple FAANG+ companies, mentioned this in his Yelp review:

“My initial investment was paid back many times over just by my sign-on bonus at the new company that I will be joining.”

We have different pricing options depending on students’ needs. We also a number of flexible payment options to suit your budget. So the best way to learn about the same is to sign-up for a free pre-enrolment webinar with one of our founders.

Register for Pre-Enrolment Webinar

Money-Back Guarantee

If you do well in our programs, and still don’t land a better job in the next 6 months, then we’ll refund half of the program fees. So we succeed only when you succeed.

Is This Program Right for You?

The program is designed for professionals with 2 - 20 years of software engineering or programming experience. In addition, it is highly suited for you if you are currently in any of the following domains or roles:

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Full-stack
  • Automation Testing
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • iOS
  • Java, Python, C++ or PHP
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer

We would not recommend this program for you if you have none or very limited experience in coding, and/or your domain is primarily any of the following:

  • Data Engineer
  • Database Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management (non-Technical)
  • Any other non-software engineering role
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • iOS
  • Java, Python, C++ or PHP
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

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