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Want to get your dream software engineering job at FAANG?

Learn how to nail tech interviews from 150+ FAANG tech leads and hiring managers.
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Highest number of offers received by an alumni in 2021


Highest compensation received by an alumni in 2021


Experienced engineers trained

Your path to a Tier-1 software engineering job

Comprehensive Curriculum

Get detailed feedback, scores, and reference videos to help polish your performance

Rigorous Mock Interviews

Covering data structures, algorithms, system design, concurrency and much more

Plenty of 1 x 1 Help

Technical coaching, homework assistance, solutions discussion and individual sessions

Career Skills Development

Resume help, linkedIn profile feedback, personal branding and live workshops

Salary Negotiation

Company, role and level specific help based on real data that we have collected

Personalized Feedback

Brutally honest and structured - the kind that actually helps

Learn from 150+ FAANG tech leads & hiring managers

Get the insider perspective on FAANG software engineering job interview processes directly from FAANG hiring managers.

Manoj has 20 years of work experience as a Software Engineer, dealing with Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, High Availability, High Performance Computing, Parallel Computing & Fault Tolerance in companies like VMware.

Manoj Krishnan

Software Engineer

Adrian has a rich work experience of 22 years as a Software Engineer. In the past, he has worked in Tier-1 companies like LinkedIn and he is currently working as an Engineering Manager at DoorDash. 

Adrian Fernandez

Engineering Manager
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Anuj has 12 years of intensive work experience with SQL, BI Reporting, ETL Data Warehousing and Data Engineering. He has worked with leading companies like Accenture, Deloitte in the past. He is currently working at Amazon and has extensive experience in technology stack. 

Anuj Sethi

Data Engineer

Designed for working professionals

Evenings & Weekends

Intense, but designed to fit into your work and life schedule.


Participate in live classes remotely.

Long Support Period

To help you catch up with everything that we offer.

Neelesh Tendulkar

Each instructor-led session was packed with information and there were lots of problems to practice. The course was intense, but it was a great use of my time.

Offers from : 
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Swapnil Tailor

Interview Kickstart is like a fitness coach which guides to achieve your dream job. It can help you identify your weak points and also suggest steps to improve them.

Offers from : 

Flavia Vela

The classes, workshops, quizzes, practice problems, and mock interviews provided me with the knowledge, tools, and the feedback that I was missing. Interview Kickstart showed me how to prepare for success.

Offers from : 

Michael Huston

I can't think of a better recipe for tech interview success than combining the Interview Kickstart program with hard work. The program made my prep much more effective and eliminated surprises from the interview process.

Offers from : 
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Kushal L

IK provides a nice, structured way to prepare for interviews while having a full-time job. Mock interviews helped me get better and the problem sets alleviated the need for me to source problems externally.

Offers from : 

Davide Testuggine

“The course was very intense. During the two months it lasted, I would easily work 2+ hours every day, weekends included, on the homework problems. This course is just practice, practice, practice. And it works! Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I accepted my offer with Facebook.”

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Top companies love hiring our alumni

Our students’ average offered salaries at different levels

$50,000 -$200,000 per year


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What is the duration of the programs?
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How do I enroll?
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What programming languages do I need to know before I enroll in the program?

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