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Walmart Interview Process for Hiring Software Engineers in 2023

Walmart Inc., as you may know, is a leading American multinational retail brand that regulates a spectrum of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and discounted department stores throughout the United States. It was founded in 1962, with headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company continues to build a strong reputation in the industry due to its excellence, integrity, efficiency, and great customer service. 

An average software engineer at Walmart earns a base salary of $1,11,810 per annum. The range of Walmart software engineer salaries can range from $53K to $7L, but most earn somewhere between $90K to $1L. You can compare it with the average salary for a software engineer in the United States, which is $1,13,749 per annum.

If you recently applied for a job at Walmart or are interested in working for the company in the near future, this post is for you. You may know the perks of being a Software Engineer at Walmart, yet be unaware of how to proceed with the interview preparation. Cracking the Walmart interviews is not as hard as it may seem if you have focused preparation. Keeping the fundamentals in mind while practicing will give you the best shot at cracking the interview. Here, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about the Walmart interview and hiring process

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This article covers:

What Is Walmart’s Interview Process Like?
Tips on How to Prepare for Walmart Software Engineer Interview
FAQs on the Best Tech Companies in Atlanta

What Is The Walmart Interview Process for Hiring Software Engineer Like?

Walmart’s hiring process for software engineer interviews can be comprehensive, and the points below will give you ideas on what to expect. We’ll talk about the entire timeline and other aspects of the interview that candidates should be well aware of.

Application for Getting Hired As A Walmart Software Engineer

In the Walmart software engineer hiring process, Walmart primarily accepts online applications only:

  • Candidates interested in applying for the job can fill out their application forms at home without having to travel anywhere. You’ll find the form in the careers section of the Walmart website. 
  • Candidates can also go to a hiring kiosk at Walmart to fill in their application forms. You will often find a hiring kiosk at customer service or the back of the Walmart store. However, it is ideal to fill in the form online to save time. 

Here are some tips on filling out the application for the Walmart software engineer interview:

  • Ensure you fill in all the details, including the jobs you are applying for, your work history, work availability, and other key details. The more role-relevant details the recruiters know about you, the better.
  • The more departments or jobs you choose while applying for the job, the more chances of getting hired, so you can select several key roles relevant to you. However, this will still largely depend on your work experience and the other candidates.

Once you’ve filled out the form for getting hired as a Walmart software engineer, recruiters will then assess your application; if they think you’re a good fit for the job, they might send you an email.

Phone/Video Interview 

Here are the key points you need to know about the Walmart hiring process for software engineers:

  • There are about two to three interviews conducted for the Walmart job. Walmart interviews about three candidates for each job category. The candidate hired is chosen out of these three only. 
  • The catch is that your interview will consist of three recruiters at the same time. They will take turns asking you questions. 
  • Once you finish this interview, your recruiters will take about seven or fewer days to evaluate your interview and will further decide on whether to hire you or not. Whatever the result, you’ll be informed about the final decision. 

The On-site interview 

On the other hand, the second interview is for when the recruiter may call you back and ask you to attend the second interview. If you are called for this interview, you were the chosen candidate among the other two candidates they interviewed. This interview will also be similar to the first interview:

  • Three candidates will be evaluated based on the same or similar questions as the previous interview. 
  • Once you are done with this, you’ll have to undergo a drug screening to learn whether you are eligible for the job or not. 
  • Once the drug test results are back, you will also have to undergo a background check. 
  • If you are selected, you will be called for orientation in about three or more days. 

The Assessment Test 

The next step of the application and recruitment process is the assessment test:

  • Candidates are required to take the assessment test in order to reach the next step of the process. 
  • This assessment test is generally conducted to help the interviewers understand how you previously dealt with difficult situations or people like your co-workers, supervisors, customers, and so on. 

In a nutshell, this is a crucial part of the Walmart job interview process so that the HR in charge can identify your communication and problem-solving skills

After the On-site 

As mentioned, you will receive their feedback a couple of days after your interview:

  • Walmart hires generalists for both frontend and backend roles. Thus, if you’re qualified enough for the job, don’t worry. After a thorough analysis of your resume and your application, the recruiters will promptly decide if they should hire you or not. 
  • Make sure to acknowledge the mail if you receive an offer or gracefully reply to their email, whatever the outcome is. If you are not chosen, thank them for the opportunity and let them know that you’re you’ll be happy to try again for any relevant opening in the future.

Check out our Interview Questions and Problems page for more. 

Tips on How to Prepare for Walmart Software Engineer Interview And Get Hired

It goes without saying — the best way to nail any Walmart software engineer hiring process is to be thoroughly prepared. Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while preparing for and giving the Walmart on-site interview. 

Understand the Walmart Software Engineer Role 

Understanding the role you’re trying to fill in is extremely crucial to let your interviewers have the impression that you know what you’re getting yourself into. You can also ask your interviewers to educate you on the role, as your interviewers are your biggest advocates throughout your interview process. This is one of the best interview prep tips that you can keep in mind.

Do Thorough Research

The next tip to ace your interview is obviously to do your research. Go through Walmart’s LinkedIn profile or other profiles to get to know the latest insights on what the company is up to. The more information you know about the company, the more chances of acing the interview. 

Prepare Well for the Walmart Software Engineer Interview 

Interviews can be daunting and extremely scary if you are nervous. Make sure that you are well-prepared so that you can ease the nervousness. Do thorough research beforehand and check the official webpage of Walmart so that you are familiar with your job description. This will help you further draft a set of questions you can prepare for that may or may not come in the interview. 

Keep a Pen and Paper Handy

Organizing and preparing for your interview also means that you are physically ready for the interview. Keep a pen and paper next to you so that you can easily note down the questions or any other details that need to be written down.

Make a Good First Impression

Don’t forget to smile. Your interviewers want you to look confident and relaxed while still exuding a professional vibe. Thus, the best way to make a good impression on your recruiters is to smile and stay relaxed, or at least act relaxed.

On-site interviews may seem daunting initially. However, they are all about flaunting your confidence and staying true to your words. Make sure that you have a unique approach to answering the questions that your recruiters may ask. You don’t want to seem like every other candidate. For example, standing out is essential for software engineers and other enthusiasts looking to ace technical interview. Just be yourself and step in to contribute to the company’s bottom line genuinely.

Visit a Walmart Store 

Visit the nearest Walmart store and communicate with the associates. Get to know a little about the workings of the store so that you feel less intimidated at the interview. 

Get Familiar With the Interview Structure 

Make sure that you’re well aware of every aspect of the interview structure. This way, you will be more prepared to take your interview. Walmart does behavioral interviews. This helps the recruiters evaluate your thought process and the way you function. This can further help the interviewers recognize how you might fit in on the team. 

Make a List of Relevant Questions 

Make sure to draft certain questions. Your interviewers will generally give you a duration of time for you to ask them questions. This gives you a chance to assure the interviewers that you are an ideal match for the role. Thus, make sure you ask relevant questions based on the company profile, like financials, the latest company changes, and so on. 

Dress Up 

The last tip is to dress up to look enthusiastic and well-groomed. Almost every interview’s essential aspect is to dress well. This is a great way of making a good first impression. Let your outfit showcase how much of a good coding engineer you are and how you’re ready and equipped to contribute and shine.

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FAQs on Walmart Interview Process for Hiring Software Engineers

Q1. How long after you’ve applied for an interview can you expect your Walmart software engineer interview to occur?

It’ll take approximately two to three weeks after your Walmart application for your Walmart software engineer interview to occur.

Q2. What does a Walmart software engineer do?

Walmart Software Engineers report to the Manager of Software Engineering and are responsible for leading through technical discovery, designing, and implementing large-scale applications, products, and platforms.

Q3. How much does a Walmart software engineer earn in the United States?

A software engineer at Walmart, on average, earns a base salary of $1,11,810 per annum. Walmart software engineer salaries in the United States range from $53K to $7L, but most earn somewhere between $90K to $1L. 

Q4. How well is a Walmart software engineer paid compared to the United States average?

A Walmart software engineer’s average salary is $1,11,810 per annum and is comparable, or slightly lower, compared to the average salary for a software engineer in the United States, which is $1,13,749 per annum.

Q5. How to apply for a job at Walmart?

You can apply for a job at Walmart online on their official website.

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Interview Process
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August 10, 2021

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