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Amazon Product Manager Interview Process

Product Managers play a crucial role in driving various segments of Amazon’s business — from e-commerce and digital streaming to AWS and Aerospace. Amazon looks for individuals who can envision the product roadmap from ideation to delivery, take ownership, display critical and analytical thinking abilities, and drive customer engagement. 

Amazon essentially hires Product Managers for two main roles — Technical and Non-Technical. Non-Technical Product Managers work with the company’s e-commerce segment, while Technical Product Managers are associated with Amazon Web Services, AI, and Aerospace operations. 

The scope of Product Manager roles at Amazon is quite significant. There’s a lot to gain by cracking Amazon’s PM interview — from getting offered lucrative salary packages to working in a rewarding work environment. 

The interview process for both PM and TPM roles is streamlined. The hiring bar is quite high, and the process is similar for both PM and TPM roles, except that TPMs are asked a bunch of technical product-related questions.

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In this article, we’ll look at the Amazon Product Manager Interview Process to help you understand what to expect at Amazon’s PM interview. We’ll cover:

  • Amazon Product Manager Interview Process
  • Preparing for your Amazon Product Manager interview
  • Gear up for your next Product interview

Amazon Product Manager Interview Process

The interview process for Amazon Product Managers, both PMs and TPMs, essentially consists of three main rounds: 

  1. The Initial HR Screen
  2. The Phone Screen Interview
  3. The On-site Interviews

Let’s look at each of them in detail:

1. The Initial HR Screen

This is the first stage where a recruiter from Amazon’s human resources will get in touch with you to ask you some pertinent questions about your skills and experience. The recruiter will assess if your experience and skills align with the Product Manager role in question. You could be asked to submit an updated copy of your resume in this round. After the HR screen, you’re called for the Phone Screen Interview. 

2. The Phone Screen Interview

Senior employees from the product team usually conduct the Phone Screen Interview. A hiring manager is appointed to lead the recruitment effort and will most likely be part of the team you’ll potentially be joining. 

In the Phone Screen, you’ll mostly be asked a bunch of behavioral questions and questions on specific projects you’ve worked on in the past. Interviews for Technical Product Managers can involve a few technical questions on algorithms, design, or database management (SQL)

In the lead-up to your on-site interview, you’ll be asked to submit one or two essays on challenging projects you’ve worked on in the past or what your biggest learnings from past roles have been.

Recruiters will get back to you about a week after your Phone Screen Interview if you’re shortlisted for the on-site interview. 

3. The On-site Interview

The On-site Interview is essentially a full day of interviews with a mixed group of interviewers, including peers, a Senior Product executive, and a Bar-raiser. 

You’ll be asked questions on Amazon’s 14 leadership principles and some behavioral questions too. Technical Product Managers can expect a few design questions and questions around Amazon’s core technology products. 

The Bar-raiser round is typically to evaluate if you'd be the right fit at Amazon. Bar-raisers are specially trained employees who maintain the hiring bar at Amazon. They have the authority to veto a profile if they deem it unfit for the role. 

Check out Amazon Leadership Principles Questions and Amazon Behavioral Interview Questions to prepare for your On-site Product Manager interview. 

Preparing for Your Amazon Product Manager Interview

Amazon hires for Product Manager roles all through the year. However, getting an offer isn’t easy. It takes a dedicated prep approach that addresses every aspect of your interview. 

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Also, learn What Exactly Amazon Product Managers Do as part of their role to better understand what your potential role as a Product Manager at Amazon would entail. 

Gear Up for Your Next Product Interview

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