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Thank You Email after Your Phone Interview - With Samples

Phone interviews are the most crucial aspects of every job interview process. Phone interviews are an excellent chance to make a remarkable first impression on your interviewers. Moreover, they also help you showcase a unique side of your persona altogether, and well, every interviewer wants to hire distinctive employees. That being said, a Thank-you email is an obvious aspect of showing gratitude and professionalism towards your interviewers. Wondering how you can write a phenomenal thank you email for your interview? Read below to know exactly how to do so. 

Why is sending a Thank-you email after a phone interview important? 

Thank you emails play an imperative role in bringing out a much more professional side of you as an employee. Along with the fact that it fulfills the purpose of appreciating your interviewers, it also helps you showcase your expressive side. Every individual must take the initiative to write a thank you email to their interviewers. That being said, how exactly do you write a thank you email? Here’s how one can write a compelling and appreciative Thank-you email. 

Things to Add in a thank you email after a phone interview 

Every thank you email, just like any other mail, consists of certain elements that you should add without fail. These elements contribute to making your email much more professional and appropriate. Given below are a few of the most well-known sections that one must include in a thank you email. 

  • Subject Line

The subject line in an email serves as the core subject for which you are writing the email. Write down sufficient information under the subject line. Including phrases like ‘Thankyou’ along with the job title for which you interviewed can make your subject look crisp and professional. 

  • Warm Greeting 

A warm greeting in a thank you email is just what you need to make a pleasant impression on your interviewer. Start the email by greeting your interviewer. Make it short but sweet. In a nutshell, your thank you mail should start with a greeting that will leave your interviewer intrigued to read the rest of the email. 

  • An Opening Sentence for thanking your interviewer 

After you add a warm greeting such as ‘respected sir/madam,’ you must start the email with an opening sentence. An opening sentence, as the name suggests, opens the very body of the mail. 

  • A Statement to let your interviewer know why you’re the best fit for this role 

Your Thankyou email should also consist of a small sentence that best represents your acquired skills for the role. Let your interviewer know why you’re the best fit for the respective job position. Don’t overdo it. Wrote only a single statement on why your interviewer should hire you. 

  • Any additional comments concerning your previous discussions in the interview 

If you were unable to address something with your interviewer, here is your chance. Write down any queries or comments that you were unable to talk about in the previous discussions so that your interviewer can understand why here you are coming from better. 

  • Jot down any additional details that you might have missed out on during the interview 

The last part of the core body of the thank you email involves any additional details that you may have initially missed out on. Add all details concerning your skills, qualifications, or anything that you couldn’t tell your interviewer during your interview so that you have the best chance at getting the job. 

  • Add a statement expressing you are looking forward to hearing from them 

Lastly, end your mail with a short statement about you looking forward to hearing back from your interviewer. Add phrases like ‘Thank you for taking your time out to reading this email’ so that you sound grateful and appreciative. 

How to write a Thankyou email after a phone interview

Now that you know what a Thankyou email includes, here are some of the most vital points to remember while writing a Thankyou email. Given below are a few of the highlights that your Thankyou mail should include. These can be from anything, such as your qualifications to your skills. This is your chance of letting your interviewer know why you’re the best. 

  • Note down the interviewer's name and all other crucial information

Always remember to keep a pen and paper with you before the interview. Before you write a Thank you email after phone interview, take down some notes of every discussion that took place in the interview. You should also clarify your interviewer’s name so that you don’t address the wrong name in the mail. 

  • Write a crisp subject line and greeting 

After jotting down relevant notes, make sure to start writing the core subject of your mail. Firstly, your email should incorporate a small subject line such as ‘thank you’ along with the job title. In some cases, you are also welcome to add your name in the subject line. 

  • Remember to thank the recipient for the interview

Thanking the recipient for the interview is an essential element of showing your appreciation towards your interviewer. It offers a sense of gratitude to your interviewer for taking their time out to interview you for the job position. You may also add the date on which your interview took place to make it easier for the interview to recall taking your interview. 

  • Explain why you're suitable for this role

As previously suggested, a thank you email after phone interview should also include a statement on why you’re suitable for the position offered by the interviewer. Explain to your candidate why you’re an outstanding candidate for the position so that they can introspect on why they should hire you. 

  • Expand the conversation you had during the interview

If you were uncomfortable talking more during your interview or let’s just say you had limited time to talk about your skills and interest. A follow up email after phone interview is a great place to continue the conversation you had during the interview. 

  • Explain your strengths

Talk about your strengths and let your interviewer know why you’re an interesting candidate for the job position. Every interview is looking for an employee that can stand out in the marketplace. If you can show your interviewer that you are the best, rest assured you already have the job. An interview thank you email is quite ideal for expressing your talents and strengths to leave a phenomenal impression on your interviewer. 

  • Mention how you look forward to hearing back soon

You should always ensure writing a statement along the lines of ‘Looking forward to hearing from you soon’ while ending your thank you letter after interview. Tell your interviewer that you are waiting to hear back from them and take this opportunity to deliberately thank them for listening to you. 

  • Illustrate a particular challenge

You can also add details on any challenges you faced during the interview to let your interviewer know something they should know. 

  • Click on the next steps 

On completing the above-mentioned details, you will have come to the end of the thank you email after the phone interview. These are a few of the basic guidelines on how to write thank you email after phone interview. 

Sign and proofread the mail

The last step of writing a thank you letters interview is to sign and proofread the mail. Just like every other content, proofreading your email is a very crucial step in sending authentic and well-written mail.

Top tips to write a thank you email after a phone interview 

If you’ve gotten clarity on how to write thank you email after phone interview, here are some tips that may come in handy. 

  • Write the first draft after the interview

Make sure that you jot down a draft of the mail right after you finish the interview. Start typing your mail as soon as the interview finishes so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

  • Keep the message precise

Do not make your thank you mail overly lengthy. Keep it short and precise. This way, you can stay relevant and convey what you have to convey to your interviewer. 

  • Double-check the interviewer's email

Proofreading your thank you mail is extremely important to ensure that you avoid writing something inappropriate or even cancel out on grammatical errors. Be attentive and write a crisp mail. 

  • Search for Thank You Email Template

Thank you email templates are extremely helpful when it comes to drafting engaging, appreciative, and crisp thank you emails. As suggested, a basic template of a thank you email consists of the subject line, warm greeting, opening sentence, the main body, closing sentence, and your signature. To know more about how you can write a thank you mail for your google phone interview questions interviewer. 

Thank You Email Etiquette 

Here are some tips to excel at writing a phone interview thank you email. 

  • Respect their time, wrap up the process quickly.

Respect your interviewer’s time. Make sure to write a small yet crisp email that includes everything you wanted to convey to your interviewer. Make it as appreciative as possible. 

  • Make sure they are prioritized in the mail

Ensure that the email is entirely directed towards thanking your interviewer. Do not fluff the email. Write a bold email that conveys how capable you are of the job. 

  • Send the mail within 24 hours

Make sure to send the mail within a day. Do not delay beyond that, as your interviewer might miss out on the mail. 

  • Write an understandable subject line

Your subject line should be short and understandable. It shouldn’t include lengthy sentences but only a short phrase with your name or job position. 

Thank you letter after interview examples 

Given below are some of the thank you email after phone interview samples that can help you draft your email. 

  1. Assistant Professor Interview

Subject: Thank You- Assistant Professor Interview

Dear Mr. Diaz, 

I'm writing to express my gratitude for taking time off your schedule to interview me on Monday. Rosemary University seems to be the perfect place for me to start my journey as a teacher.

I just wanted to add on the qualifications I have achieved for this job. I recently finished my Ph.D. in Anthropology from  Columbia University, and this has opened up a new perspective for me on this subject. I think I'll be able to steer impressionable young students who have taken up this course in the right direction. Teaching has always been my greatest joy, and I'll be more than happy to pass down my wisdom to the younger generation.

I thank you again for taking the opportunity to talk to me about this position. I look forward to hearing from you.


Ezra Klein

  1. Social Media Marketing Manager Interview

Subject: Thank You-  Social Media Marketing Manager Interview

Dear Mrs. Connor, 

This is to thank you for interviewing me for the position of social media marketing manager. I'm sure your prestigious company will be very suitable for me.

After learning about you and your company, I can say this with great confidence that all of my prior experience and knowledge ideally match the requirements needed for this position. 

Thank you again for taking the opportunity to speak to me about this position. I look forward to hearing from you.


John Terry

  1. Receptionist 

Subject: Thank You- Receptionist 

Dear Mrs. Collins,

This is to thank you for interviewing me for the position of receptionist. I'm sure your company will be a great fit for me.

After speaking with you, I realized how well my prior experience and skills would be put into use in your esteemed company. 

I am thankful for this opportunity to talk to you. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon.


Camilla Roe

  1. Digital Marketing Manager

Subject: Thank You- Digital Marketing Manager 

Dear Mrs. Collins,

I'm writing to offer my sincere thanks for taking the time to interview on Thursday. I'm pleased to say that your company is an ideal place for me to explore my ambition.

After our interview, I have concluded how useful my educational qualifications and years of experience will be put greatly to use in your company. It is a suitable place for me as the objectives of the company align with my own. 

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon.


Raina Wilson

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Bottom Line 

These were some of the most significant guidelines on writing a thank you letters interview. Go through every step mentioned above to write a captivating and pleasing thank you email to leave a notable impression on your interviewer.