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Guide to Recording Ideal Business Professional Voicemail with Samples!

Understanding the intricacies of professional voicemail greeting!

Telephonic communication, today, is the need of the hour to carry out any business operation, irrespective of the industry. This is equally true for the FAANG companies, no matter how technologically advanced they are. An apt voicemail greeting can go a long way in gaining your clients’ trust and patience.

Would you be overjoyed if you hear a mechanical voicemail every time you are trying to get some assistance?

No. This basically signifies the importance of a well-constructed voicemail in maintaining business relationships and reputation.

After all,

Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy. –Jacques Martin

Key takeaways from this blog:

What is a professional voicemail greeting?

Types of voicemail greetings

Etiquettes to create the best professional voicemail greeting

Components of a great professional voicemail greeting

How to make great business voicemail greetings

20 professional voicemail greeting samples to boost your credibility

Three steps to record the perfect professional voicemail

Tips for creating an impressive voicemail

What is a professional voicemail greeting?

A professional phone greeting is but a formal voicemail that must include all the details which need to be conveyed to facilitate customer retention. It is a vital communication strategy in case you are not able to connect with the client at that point in time.

An ideal professional voicemail greeting will always be one that can captivate the audience and would actually make the caller consider dialing a second time. In the end, that is what business is all about, right? 

Courtesy and information are your top priority when you are recording the voicemail. Asking to provide the name and number for a call-back is a sign of sincerity, which clients are perpetually looking forward to.

Types of voicemail greetings

Personal voicemail greetings: Personal voicemail greetings are usually the ones you set up in your business or official phone number to let the callers know why you are unavailable and what they can do to reach you. It should cover the basics like introducing yourself and urging the caller to not fret and that he/she could either leave a message or you can get back to them later if they kindly leave their contact number.

You are probably wondering how you can convey so much in just 25 seconds. 

That’s why you are getting this crucial career advice to make sure these little things go right for you!

Some sample voicemails are listed below:

  1. Thank you for calling Jameson. If you are looking for an ideal candidate to fix some things at XYZ Company, I am available for discussion. You can email me to communicate further details or leave a call-back number. I will be glad to get back to you. 
  2. Top of the day to you! Ruby here! I am not at home right now. You can reach me at my office at 1234567, or you can leave me a message, and I will call you back as soon as I can. Thank you.
  3. I am out fixing some codes. I will give you a call when I come back. You can leave a message or email me if you have some urgent coding problems to fix.

Short voicemail greetings: At times, you might be too busy to actually devise a well-thought message. So, short professional voicemail messages work too in those instances. However, it is advisable to include minimal information so as to not let your caller hang up the phone empty-handed.

Here are some examples to help you understand better.

  1. Hi. You have reached Jamie. I’m either away for work or just out on chores. You can email me at Jamie@syz.com or leave a message. I’ll certainly get back to you! Have a great day!  
  2. Thank you for calling Tom. Sorry, I’m unavailable right now. Leave me a message, and I will call you back! See you!
  3. Hey, this is Georgia! Sorry, I cannot receive the call at this very moment. I would be glad to get back to you. Leave me a message or email me at georgia123@abc.com.

Business voicemail greetings: When your clients call you, they are not expecting to be informed if you are out shopping or babysitting your nephew. They want to know when and how you are going to be available and what updates they are looking to give you or receive from you. Do not make it a family greeting!

To help you with that, here are some professional voicemail greeting for business samples which you can remember while recording your own.

  1. Hello. You have reached ABC Company. Sorry, we are not available right now. But we will surely get back if you can kindly leave us a message with your name and number, and with what it is you need assistance. We would be glad to be of any help. Thank you for calling us. Have a wonderful day!
  2. You have reached MNO Inc. We are closed for the day. We would love to call you back. Please leave us your name and message, and we will get to you first thing in the morning. You can also email us at mnoi@xyz.com for any further information. Thank you for calling. Have a great day.
  3. You have reached the voicemail of FG Corps. We are closed for the day and regret for the inconvenience. You can call us back tomorrow or let us get back to you by leaving a message along with your number. Thank you for your co-operation. Have a good one!

Funny voicemail greetings: If people already know you are the ‘Chandler’ or ‘Kramer’ of the group, nobody is expecting a solemn voicemail to greet them when you are away. So, might as well have a laugh over the voicemail, right?

However, don’t let a possible recruiter call you and hear you making a pun over pomegranate. Trust us, you don’t want that.

So, mind where you tread with these. Take a look at the following examples.

  1. Hey, I am out backpacking across Western Europe, in the foothills of Mt. Tibidabo. I will get back to you when the sun shines again. Or not. Leave your name and message just in case. Bye!  
  2. Hey, this is Ron. I have been trying to answer a question for some time now. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? If you can help, leave a message with your name. If you cannot, just leave the message. Thanks!
  3. Hi, you have reached Elsa and she is frozen right now! She will get back to you when it’s spring. If not, you can wake her up when September ends. Or, leave a message with a name! Okay, bye!

Do anything. But let it produce joy. – Walt Whitman

Vacation voicemail greetings: It is only human instinct to be looking to get away from the hubbub of the monotony and get some away time in the depths of nature. Since, more often than not, it is for more than a couple of days, it is in your best interest if you record a voicemail which will inform about your absence and when you will be back. 

You do not want your possible client hanging on a thread, do you?

Here are some examples of how to record a superb vacation voicemail greeting.

  1. Hi! Thank you for calling, but unfortunately, I am away on a holiday from (dates of leave and return). If it is anything urgent, you can call me at 213456123 or leave a message with the reason why you called. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for understanding!
  2. Thank you for calling Tim. I am away skiing and will not be back till the next week. You can leave a message or email me at tim@abc.com. Do not forget to leave your name and number. Have a great day!

Holiday voicemail greetings: People are always in a cheery mood during the holidays. Hence, if they are calling you for help, or assistance, it means they are already in distress. Do not add on to their troubles by making them hear a redundant or uninformative voicemail which is of no help. Offering them a positive vibe through your voicemail adds to your reputation and gives you some foundation bonus as well!

Some samples are given below.

  1. Hello! You have reached Abraham from XYZ Company. I am currently away for Thanksgiving. You can leave a message with your name and number, and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Merry Christmas! Thank you for calling Janet! I am away for a family meet, and I apologize as I could not attend your call. I would love to get back to you. Leave your reason for calling along with your name and number after the beep! I will get back to you ASAP. You can also email me at janet@abc.com. Happy holiday!

Etiquettes to create the best professional voicemail greeting

Introduce yourself: Sam hangs up immediately when he hears the usual tone and the voicemail, which said, “Please leave a message after the beep.” 

Do you think it is the right way to greet a client, or perhaps, a potential patron? 

It would not be exactly the best outcome if your potential client hangs up without even knowing who he had called.

Therefore, keep in mind that including your name in the very first sentence of your professional voicemail adds a personal touch. It helps you get the trust of the patron, more often than not.

Speak clearly: It will not exactly be a memorable experience for the caller if he/she cannot even decipher what you conveyed through the voicemail. If your voice is not clearly audible and there are disturbances in the background, it sends a message of reluctance and disregard, and nobody wants that. Speaking clearly is a condition which you have to meet to make a lasting impression.

Time frame:  Keeping the message to an adequate length of around 25 seconds is mandatory for professional or business voicemail greetings. It is the 21st century, and nobody has the time to listen to a professional voicemail greeting recording for a whole minute.

Unnecessary dragging of the voicemail will only result in exasperation of the caller. Giving the requisite information about calling back and your other contact details, if any, should suffice the voicemail.

Components of a great professional voicemail greeting

Information: Provide only the necessary information to an irate client if you are not planning on losing him/her. Including your name, working hours and any other alternative contact information is a great start. You can also inform them if they can leave you a message on that number or somewhere else, and that you will give a call back as soon as possible.

Validation: An ideal voicemail should first greet the caller and express regret for missing the call. It should also give assurance that even if they missed the call, they will certainly get a response soon from your end.

Motivation: Remember your primary goal is to hold the customer’s attention so that he/she listens to your full message and can know what the next steps are.

Length: You can never stress on this aspect enough. Recording a voicemail of just the right length is instrumental in preventing loss of caller’s attention. As a result, it is important for you to include all the necessary information in the voicemail without irking an already irate client. Not the best situation you are looking forward to, right? 

Keep it to a maximum of 25 seconds and include the business information you want to convey to the callers. That’s it!

How to make great business voicemail greetings?

  • Do not begin with “Your call is very important to us”: If you are not looking to irritate an already exasperated person with a generic voice message, this is exactly the type of lines that you should avoid. It reeks of monotony and reluctance.
  • Let the customer know whose voicemail they have reached: It is almost customary to let the caller know who he/she has reached. Otherwise, the grey patch of uncertainty does not really go away and nobody looking to build their reputation is particularly willing to walk down this line.
  • Apologize that you cannot take their call right now: You need to apologize politely for being unavailable to pick up the call. It is your responsibility that you are earnest about solving their issue as soon as you are available.
  • Invite your caller to leave a message: Getting to know what the caller wants from you is your top priority. Giving them the scope and raising their interest to leave a message must be ample and evident.
  • Let them know when they can expect a call back: Nobody expects you to be present all the time to answer every call. However, you must inform them about the tentative time and date when you can get back to them. Do not forget to provide this information at all costs.
  • List any additional options that are available to your caller: It does you a world of good if you can leave alternative contact options in your voicemail. It reverberates an air of urgency and diligence, which clients or customers are looking for. Because, who wants a slacker, right?
  • Avoid giving out too much information: Nobody likes a chatterbox. While it is necessary to include important information, it is ridiculous if you are adding unnecessary details like you are away for a spa or gaming session. Stick to doling out relevant information.
  • Keep your voice message short and sweet: This is the most important trick and cannot be stressed enough. Keep it short, sweet and simple. Do not go overboard.
  • Make it understandable to all: Use customary language and word-forms. And avoid using acronyms like BRB, TTYL, and the likes.

20 professional voicemail greeting samples to boost your credibility

At this juncture, it is possible that you are yet to see the perfect sample for voicemails. While it still may not be perfect in your case, the following 20 samples will surely help you in your next professional voicemail recording:

1. Hi. This is Jim. I am away for work. If you are looking to get in touch with me right away, you can reach me at jim345@email.com. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Else, you can leave a message with your name and phone number, and I will be on it when I return. Thanks. Bye.

2. You have reached May. Sorry, I cannot receive your call right now. You can leave me your name and number, and what it is you need my assistance for. Thank you for calling. Have a great day!

3. Hello! This is James. I am away right now, but you can leave me a voicemail with your name and number. I will get in touch with you as soon as I can. Sorry for the inconvenience.

4. This is Richard. I’m currently away on a business trip. I will be back in a few days. In the meanwhile, you can leave me a message here or give me a call in around a week. Thank you for your cooperation. Bye.

5. Hi. It is Ray here. I am not available right now. Kindly convey your name and number, and the issue you wanted to discuss. I will gladly get back to you at the earliest. Bye!

6. If you’re looking for Tracey, you have reached the right number. But I am away on a work trip. I will be back tomorrow and will get in touch with you. Leave a name and a message. See you!

7. Steve here. I am busy with work right now. Let me know what you need help with. I will be glad to help you out as soon as I’m back. Have a great day!

8. You’ve reached Colt. I am out of town for some urgent work. You can get in touch with me on colt@email.com or leave a message here itself. I will get back to you pretty soon.

9. This is Remi. I am away designing AI for invasion. But, you can leave a message all the same. I will be glad to help out. Thank you. Have a good day!

10. Hi, this is Samuel from ABC Company. I am away for some company-related work. You can email me at sam135@abc.com, if it is urgent. Or, leave a message with your name and number. Thank you.


Five Courtesy tips to make you the favorite coder around

  • Be respectful. Do not lash out, ever.
  • Apologize if you are on the wrong side of the events.
  • You are a part of the team. Inform your team of any change of plans you have in mind.
  • Be kind, even when you are in disagreement or turning down an offer or help.
  • Do not interrupt when someone is talking. Wait for your turn.

11. You have reached Brenda. I am out for an audit. I will be back in some time. You can leave a message here. Sorry about the inconvenience.

12. Hey! It is Rhonda! I am sorry I cannot take you call right now. But I will certainly get back to you. Kindly leave your name and number, and your message. I will call you as soon as I can. Thank you for understanding.

13. This is Margaret from XYZ Company. I am busy in a meeting right now. I will call you right back once it is over. Please leave a name and your message. Have a good day. Thank you for calling!

14. You have reached Abigail. I am busy with some urgent medical emergency. I will be home later today. You can leave a message mentioning why you called, or I will get back to you if you can help me with your name and number. Thank you.

15. Hey! It’s Jerry! I am away for a vacation, and I will be coming back on Thanksgiving. If it is urgent, you can email me at jer123@ncb.com or leave a message here. I will get in touch with you when I am back.

16. This is Mary here. I am sorry for not being able to take your call right now. I will get back to you if please leave a message with your name and number. Thank you! Have a great day.

17. Hi. It’s Jen. I am busy with a MySQL project right now. You can leave a message mentioning the issue you wanted to discuss along with your contact number and name. I will get in touch as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

18. Hi there, this is Ron Jones. Thanks for calling, but unfortunately, I have some family emergency to take care of and will not be available till the next Monday. You can email me at R123@nhg.com or leave voicemail here with your name. Sorry about the inconvenience.

19. It’s Jennifer here. I am sorry I cannot take your call right now as I am busy with some coding emergency. I would like to know what you needed my assistance with. Please let me know your name and number in the voicemail, and I will call you back as soon as I am available. Thank you for calling.

20. Tom from PQR Company here. I am in a meeting at the moment. Please leave a message along with your name. Thank you.

As you can see, all these samples had one thing in common – courtesy.

No matter how busy you are, you can never compromise with this trait at any cost.

Always do your best now. What you plant now, you will harvest later. – Og Mandino

3 steps to record the perfect professional voicemail

Ideate: Preparing the content of your professional voicemail greeting is the first step when you are planning to record a voicemail. Checking with the requisites mentioned above in this technical interview preparation guide is a must. It should cover information like your name, your alternative contact, if any, a request to leave a message for you along with a token of apology for not being able to receive the call.

Practice: Practicing is a vital element to record a smooth and ideal professional voicemail. Proofreading your transcript is also necessary at this stage. Once you are done with the practice, you can finally pick your phone up to record your business voicemail!

Deliver: You are nearly there! All you need to do now is deliver what you practiced. Recording the message in an amicable tone, providing all the information in under 25 seconds, including customary greetings – the checkboxes you need to tick to record an empathetic and helpful business voicemail.

Tips to create an impressive voicemail

  • Be enthusiastic in your professional VM greeting and sound helpful while providing your name and company credentials and the reason behind your absence.
  • Give the space and option to the caller to inform you of the reason for calling you. It saves time for both you and the caller for future reference.
  • Do not shy away from providing alternative contact number or medium if possible. It is a sign of your dedication and keen interest in dealing with your client’s problems despite you being busy. Who wouldn’t like that in their right minds, right?
  • Not everyone is a millennial and aware of acronyms like TTYL, BRB, BTW, and the likes. Use these when you are absolutely sanguine of your callers’ acquaintance with such terms.

And lastly, remember that voicemail is subjective and takes shape from an individual’s perspective. But there are some requisites which you MUST meet to make it your professional voicemail greeting.

Stay tuned for more career advice.