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What Does a Netflix Software Development Engineer Do?

Posted on 
August 23, 2021
Team Interview Kickstart

Netflix is one of the leading entertainment streaming platforms, with over 209 million paid members consuming their content in around 190 countries. The consumer base for Netflix is diverse. Netflix delivers a world-class product experience with the support of a complex system of services running in the Cloud. Netflix’s reputation makes it a desired choice of workplace amongst emerging software Engineers, software developers, and tech leads. 

People are always inquisitive to know how it feels to work with Netflix, and one of the frequently asked questions is “What does a software development engineer do at Netflix?” So, we are here to elaborate on the Netflix software engineer’s role, responsibilities, the Netflix Software Engineer Interview process, and more. 

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In this article, we will cover:

Netflix Software Development Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

As a Netflix Software Development Engineer, the roles and responsibilities of an individual are team-specific. There are various Software Engineer roles like Web Platform Developer, Data Abstraction, and Platform Developer; each role has a specific task to perform. So, here we have covered an all-inclusive list of responsibilities that a Netflix Software Development Engineer might be required to fulfill:

  1. The primary role will be to develop the platform and in data abstraction so that the customer base for Netflix can be further expanded.
  2. The Software Development Engineer will be required to work on high-performance proxies and caching while interacting with distributed data stores. 
  3. Netflix Software Development Engineers are expected to improve the JS/CSS asset compiler, optimize network performance through HTTP/2, create a logging library for UI clients, and more. 
  4. Required to work on measuring and tuning the production. 

A day in the life of a Netflix Software Development Engineer consists of the mentioned tasks. They might be required to work 40-50 hours a week, and the load substantially increases when they are required to meet predefined deadlines. Time management is an integral part of a Software Development Engineer’s daily life at Netflix. 

Netflix Software Development Engineer vs. Data Scientist

The job profile for Netflix software engineers and data scientists are sometimes considered synonymous; however, they are two completely different roles. Data scientists at Netflix mainly focus on improving the various aspects of the business. They achieve this by analyzing the impact of changes made in the product and subsequently their effect on the business. Data scientists are also expected to work on stream optimization, content valuation, and algorithm creation. 

On the other hand, Software Engineers are a part of the core engineering community at Netflix. They primarily focus on coding new product features, delivering the content, and iterating existing software to make it bug-free. 

What Does Netflix Look for in Its Software Development Engineers?

If you are a great coder and a problem solver, then Netflix is looking for you. Apart from the professional and educational requirements for a specified role, Netflix loves to hire passionate individuals who surpass the employer’s expectations with their skills. 

  1. Educational requirements: The minimum educational requirements will be completely based on the profile an individual is applying for. 
  2. A passionate candidate with a good track record.
  3. The candidate’s performance is assessed based on Netflix’s 10 core values: Judgement, Communication, Passion, Selflessness, Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion, Courage, Impact, and Curiosity. 

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Netflix Software Development Engineer Interview Process

Apart from being shortlisted based on previous work experience and minimum qualifications, one needs to clear stages of interviews to finally become a Software Development Engineer at Netflix. The Netflix Software Development Engineer Interview Process, like any other interview process at FAANG companies, is divided into multiple rounds: 

  1. Initial phone screen
  2. Technical phone screen and coding assignment
  3. Netflix on-site interview: Coding round, design round, behavioral round

Only after successfully clearing all the mentioned rounds, one becomes a Netflix Software Development Engineer. Check out Netflix Software Engineer Interview Process for more information on what each round entails. 

Tips to Be a Successful Software Development Engineer at Netflix

Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to become an efficient Software Development Engineer at Netflix.

  1. Adopt a high-performance mindset. Having the right mindset is half the battle won. 
  2. As previously seen, at Netflix, software Engineers are assigned multiple roles and responsibilities; the only way to deal with work pressure is to manage time effectively. 
  3. Take frequent small breaks and complete assigned tasks on time.
  4. Check for a similar solution to the assigned problem, as this will guide the individual in the course of finding a solution. 
  5. Learn the core of the technology, such that the work can be optimized and the error can be minimized. 
  6. Do not overwork and stay calm. 

Ready to Nail Your Netflix Software Development Engineer Interview?

The only way to deal with the elaborate interview process and successfully ace it is by having a knowledgeable guide. Interview Kickstart is here to help you!

Since its inception in 2014, Interview Kickstart has helped thousands of experienced Engineers achieve their dreams. We empower Engineers to get better acquainted with the intricacies of their chosen field and provide them with the right guidance to clear tech interviews at reputed companies. We very well know that clearing an interview requires much more than sound technical knowledge, and so we train you in a manner that helps you develop a winner's stride. 

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FAQs on Netflix Software Development Interview Process

1. What are the different stages in the Netflix Software Development Engineer Interview process?

The interview process, like any other FAANG company, has multiple rounds. They can be broadly classified as Telephonic screen, Coding Assessment, and On-site interview. 

2. What are the qualifications required to apply for the software development engineer role at Netflix?

To be shortlisted as one of the potential candidates for the role of Netflix Software Development Engineer, one needs to have a minimum Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in either of the fields: Computer Science or Information Technology. Apart from this, while applying for senior positions, years of experience in the field plays an important role (minimum 5 years).

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