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Top Tech Companies to Work for and Why You Should Choose Them

Posted on 
October 21, 2022
Vartika Rai
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About The Author!
Vartika Rai
Vartika Rai
Product Manager at Interview Kickstart | Ex-Microsoft | IIT Hyderabad | ML/Data Science Enthusiast. Works with industry experts to help working professionals successfully prepare and ace interviews at FAANG+ and top tech companies

Considering that tech is continually breaking new ground with increasing high-paying job roles and immense scope for career growth, the field has become a hotbed for creativity and innovation. Tech professionals are exposed to a culture of rapid disruptions, fierce competition, and progressive growth. Their work environments are designed to foster creativity and contribute to large-scale inventions that impact millions of people worldwide.

Amidst all this, there is a rat race between tech companies to attract and retain the best talents in the industry. 

Apart from a company’s product offerings, employees also prioritize cultural flexibility and lucrative employment benefits while applying for a job. For example, 75% of Generation Z and millennials of the same measure have said they seek challenging job roles to ensure meaningful professional growth. 

In recent times, companies that successfully implemented remote work and supported employees during COVID-19 gained public favor. Also, the relevance of a company’s products is of significance. According to latest Hired’s latest Global Brand Health Report, Netflix topped the list of the best tech companies to work for, overtaking Google after it garnered over 10 million global subscribers during the pandemic. 

As graduates and experienced IT professionals are flocking to pursue challenging and rewarding roles in the tech industry, here’s taking a look at the best tech companies to work for from the perspective of employees who work there. We’ll cover:

Top Technology Companies to Work for

There are a few key parameters that contribute to the positive outlook and higher satisfaction rate amongst employees. These include:

  1. Salary compensation and benefits
  2. Work environment, culture, and community
  3. Balance between professional and personal life
  4. Career development and growth
  5. Quality of work

Based on these, let’s find out what people are saying about the top companies in tech: 


Rating: 4.6/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: NVIDIA has been the driver of the PC gaming revolution ever since it invented the GPU in 1999. Today, employees at NVIDIA work on accelerated computing forms that combine high-performing graphics and AI to directly impact the healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation industries.
  • Work-Life Balance: NVIDIA scores are admirable for senior leadership, diversity and inclusion, salary and benefits, company culture, and work-life balance. The difficulty level of NVIDIA interviews is said to be average, with employees and candidates reporting generally positive experiences.
  • NVIDIA has been ranked at #4 in the Fortune Best Workplaces in Technology in 2023 and #12 in the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2023.
  • The majority of NVIDIA’s workforce comprises millennials and Gen X, 43% and 42%, respectively. 

What Makes NVIDIA the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: As per the 2019 U.S National Employee Engagement Study, 96% of NVIDIA employees believe it’s a great place to work compared to the 59% of employees working at typical U.S.-based companies. 
  • Salary and Benefits: Software engineers at NVIDIA are paid an average salary of $181,813 per year.


Rating: 4.7/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: The leading computer hardware & software solutions company heavily emphasizes the importance of personal and professional development to drive business growth and innovation. All their product offerings, sales and marketing efforts, and customer service endeavors are targeted towards achieving an overall growth — something which Hubspot terms as “growth with a soul.”
  • Work-Life Balance: HubSpot empowers its employees with a flexible, forward-thinking culture to grow meaningfully and exponentially as software engineers. As a result, it has consistently found a place on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list, having topped the list in 2023. Hubspot has also been appreciated for its supportive approach towards building a productive remote work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Makes Hubspot the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: Hubspot enjoys a 94% positive business outlook and 99% CRO approval. Employees at Hubspot are largely satisfied with their compensation, benefits, and accessible advancement opportunities. In addition, the company has recorded a high score of 4.7/5 for providing a supportive, value-based culture, where diversity and inclusion are a huge priority (4.6/5).
  • Salary and Benefits: At Hubspot, entry-level software engineers earn an average base salary of $119,353 per year, whereas senior Hubspot software engineers earn up to $170k per year.


Rating: 4.7/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: With a mission centered around enabling employees to make smarter and quicker security decisions, KnowBe4 leads the tech industry as the largest security training provider.
  • KnowBe4 is entirely virtual; however, its security training programs are touted to be the best of any tech company. It is listed at #16 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list, a recognition based on employees’ choices. It is also listed as the #1 Best Tech Startup in Clearwater by The Tech Tribune, 2023.
  • Work-Life Balance: KnowBe4 promotes a safe work environment and encourages employees to manifest their natural selves in solving problems. There is an emphasis on transparency and accountability; this ensures that employees’ efforts do not go unrewarded. Employees report plenty of room for personal and professional growth and excellent work-life balance.

What Makes KnowBe4 the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: 67% of KnowBe4 employees are millennials, and 96% consider it a great place to work. It is listed as #4 on Fortune’s Best Tech Workplaces in 2023 (small and medium).
  • Salary and Benefits: Software engineers at KnowBe4 earn an average base salary of $113,140. 


Rating: 4.7/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: Slack’s ultimate mission is to increase productivity and impart quality in people’s lives, which reflects in the kind of environment they create for their employees. As a result, Glassdoor consistently lists it as one of the best tech companies to work at, an award based on employees’ choices
  • Work-Life Balance: According to employees at Slack, the company’s culture empowers them to exhibit their natural personalities in the workplace to create brilliant, innovative technologies that make people’s lives easier. Leadership at the company was applauded for its supportive role in ensuring its employees’ wellness during the global pandemic, COVID-19.

What Makes Slack the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: At 4.7/5, Slack is one of the highest-rated companies in the tech industry. Its diversity and inclusion score stands at 4.6/5, with the company offering equal opportunities to people coming from different backgrounds and perspectives. As the leading, transformative communication messaging platform, the San Francisco-based company is known to drive enterprise-level excellence and enjoys a 92% positive business outlook.
  • Salary and Benefits: At Slack, entry-level software engineers earn top salaries, which range from $123,295 - $189,029 per year. Senior software engineers can earn up to $194,998 per year, excluding stock, RSUs, and bonus benefits.


Rating: 4.6/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: DocuSign promotes transparency, innovation, and a supportive and authentic culture to create equal opportunities for all. With diversity, inclusion, and social and environmental responsibility as their core values, the company has established itself as an edifice of rapid growth.
  • DocuSign is praised for its quick-paced, innovative, and impactful culture that encourages employees to add value to the workplace and make the world more “agreeable.” As a #1 company that allows businesses to manage agreements electronically through eSignatures, it makes people’s lives simpler. 
  • Work-Life Balance: According to employees at DocuSign, work-life balance is highly manageable, and compensation benefits are rather lucrative. However, employees report the lack of sabbatical benefits as one of the disadvantages of working at DocuSign. 

What Makes DocuSign the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: DocuSign was ranked as the #15 top U.S. large company in Glassdoor’s 2023 Employees’ Choice awards. The company takes responsibility for providing fair and equal opportunities to candidates of all backgrounds and considers it one of its core values. Diversity and inclusion at DocuSign are appreciative at 4.5/5.
  • Salary and Benefits: The typical base salary of a DocuSign software engineer is $125,490 per year. Senior-level developers can earn $161,201 per year on average.


Rating: 4.5/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: Google’s work culture is designed to be a birthplace for innovative products like Google News and Google Maps Street View. It encourages employees to spend 20% of their time pursuing innovative ideas, and 90% of its employees report that they would recommend the company to a friend.
  • Google is also appreciated for the growth opportunities within the company at all levels and the quality of job prospects it brings.
  • Work-Life Balance: Google consistently records top ratings with respect to compensation and benefits, culture and values, work-life balance, and diversity. Employees at Google acknowledge the company for its flexibility and freedom in pursuing intellectual goals and exacting full potential. According to employees, the top reasons that rank it among the best tech companies to work for in 2023 are: drive for innovation, rewarding career opportunities, and a chance to make a difference.

What Makes Google the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: Google is one of the highest-rated companies and has been trending upwards for years now. It is consistently listed in the top 10 tech companies to work for, given its unmatched employee benefits, abundant growth opportunities, and quality of work that has a far-reaching impact on the human race.
  • Salary and Benefits: A Google employee in tech stands to earn a compensation of $117,938 per year. Furthermore, from free gourmet food, on-site physicians, electric vehicles to shuttle services and global skill development programs, the company actively invests in its employees to enhance job satisfaction. In addition, Google’s health and travel insurance, educational benefits, and additional perks are at par with its high market capitalization rate.

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Rating: 4.5/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: In their mission to increase representation and enhance diversity, they launched an initiative in 2019 to create a workforce that comprises 50% of underrepresented groups (such as women, LGBTQ+ candidates, senior citizens, people of different races and colors, etc.) by 2023. It was ranked at #1 on 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune in 2018.
  • Salesforce believes in creating a culture of equality, which according to the firm, is the foundation for building innovative solutions and establishing meaningful connections with customers. 
  • Work-Life Balance: Salesforce promotes flexibility and mobility through its authentic company culture, core values, and mission-centered around innovation, trust, equality, and customer success. The company empowers employees with tools and internal resources to contribute to the company regardless of their geo-location. 

What Makes Salesforce the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: Salesforce has recorded top scores (4.5/5) for culture & values, diversity & inclusion, and compensation and benefits. 97% of its employees approve of CEO Marc Benioff; however, about 90% claim that they would recommend the company to friends.
  • Salary and Benefits: Coding engineers at Salesforce can earn up to $248,385 per year; however, their annual base salaries are $122,869. Candidates with a background in data analytics can strive for greater earning potential and career growth. 

Read: Ajay Eppili leveraged Interview Kickstart to land the Lead Software Engineer job at Salesforce.


Rating: 4.4/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: LinkedIn's mission is straightforward: to connect the world's professionals in order to make them more productive and successful. It is considered a leading company in guaranteeing content security and anti-virus protection. It has registered top scores in the culture and values segment (4.5/5), and its current CEO, Ryan Roslansky, has an 86% approval rating.
  • Work-Life Balance: LinkedIn has an excellent culture to offer, which has served as the backbone of its success over the years. Their hallmark qualities are based on integrity, collaboration, transformation, and humor as an impact-driven company.

What Makes LinkedIn the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: The work environment at LinkedIn is collaborative and supportive, with an excellent work-life. Employees are largely satisfied with compensation and salary (4.2/5), premium health and wellness insurance benefits, and other employment benefits. However, employees have reported instances of micro-management and believe the leadership and senior management could benefit from a more user-friendly and sustainable approach. It is currently listed as the #13 Best Place to Work on Glassdoor, 2023.
  • Salary and Benefits: LinkedIn software engineers earn an average base salary of $140,853, not including stock options and bonus benefits. 


Rating: 4.4/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: Microsoft presents an opportunity to work with advanced tech in a diverse and inclusive atmosphere that values the quality of work over job titles. As an industry leader and vested interests in some of the most potentially game-changing technologies globally, like Cloud, IoT, and AI, Microsoft employees can expect a high-growth career at the company with endless advancement opportunities.
  • Work-Life Balance: Microsoft employees benefit from the company’s positive and focused culture that prioritizes work-life balance, appreciates collaborative efforts and teamwork, and offers cultural flexibility. Working at Microsoft, according to employees, is rewarding and meaningful. They revel in the opportunities to work with smart and enthusiastic people, acknowledging the support and guidance leaders and managers provide to facilitate collective growth. 

What Makes Microsoft the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: On the business outlook front, Microsoft has 88% positive ratings and 97% approval ratings for its CEO. Microsoft has also adopted the remote-working approach, allowing people to work at their own pace and convenience.
  • Salary and Benefits: Apart from a high base salary of $119,203 per year, employees have several unique benefits such as health and retirement insurance and on-site perks like 24×7 access, weekly yoga, and Zumba classes. 

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Rating: 4.3/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: Facebook’s mission is centered on connecting the world by helping people do the work they enjoy. The level of transparency, exceptional leadership, and career advancement opportunities at Facebook paves the way for productivity and overall job satisfaction.
  • Work-Life Balance: Facebook employees cite the supportive and motivating work environment, high salary packages, and a chance to meet with top tech professionals due to a positive attitude towards the company. Employees report on Glassdoor that they feel valued and trusted at Facebook. During the pandemic, its senior management garnered widespread appreciation for providing seamless support to transition to a remote working environment. 

What Makes Facebook the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: Despite the company’s overall rating fluctuation, Google has topped Glassdoor’s employee-generated list of the best technology companies to work for three times over the past decade. Likewise, Facebook has a solid 100% approval rating for its CEO and a 76% positive business outlook.
  • Salary and Benefits: As one of the top-paying companies in the industry with an average base salary of $122,840 per year, and a part of the FAANG group of companies, Facebook takes employee benefits to a whole new level. Apart from holistic wellness programs and insurance coverages, it has an on-site spa, gym, barbershop, clinic, and offers free food, to add to employee perks. 

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Rating: 4.2/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: GitHub once tweeted, “Our mission is to build a global platform for developer collaboration. But that platform needs to be one that all of us can use to secure the world’s software, together.”
  • Work-Life Balance: According to employees working at the company, GitHub’s large and talented community is one of its strongest points. The ability to interact with like-minded and passionate colleagues and tech professionals worldwide is a unique perk that motivates them to grow as part of the organization. In addition, being a remote-first company, employees benefit from extensive support to establish a productive home office setup and enhance work-life balance. 
  • GitHub fosters a transparent and collaborative work culture, focusing on enhancing diversity, inclusion, and improving social impact. In addition, the company offers a volunteering credit of up to 40 hours/year at $20/hr. 
  • GitHub holds a 4.6/5 rating on Glassdoor for compensation, benefits, and stipends. Also, the company offers ample opportunities to learn and grow (4.0/5) and enjoys a 75% positive business outlook since Microsoft acquired GitHub. 

What Makes GitHub the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: GitHub ensures optimal productivity in employees by providing a positive and productive work environment. Nearly 55% of employees are motivated to work at the company due to its value-oriented mission, which facilitates a community of skilled and problem-solving developers to provide technological solutions for important real-world problems. 
  • Salary and Benefits: Software engineers at GitHub earn an average salary of $154,450 per year, at par with Google and Facebook. Employees have uninterrupted access to books, conferences, health benefits, and career development opportunities, making GitHub one of the best companies to work in 2023. 


Rating: 4.2/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: Netflix’s culture is largely built around productive teamwork and problem-solving. It upholds its principles of freedom and responsibility while encouraging transparency, communication, cultural diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, Patty McCord, explains that the streaming giant keeps its employees motivated by incorporating “talent density and appealing challenges” in their company mission.
  • Work-Life Balance: Sometimes, Netflix is questioned for its poor work-life balance due to long working hours. However, it has largely received positive reviews concerning overall satisfaction. The streaming giant has an 81% positive business outlook from employees, 76% of those claiming they would recommend Netflix to a friend.
  • The quick-paced and dynamic atmosphere at Netflix, work value, and cultural diversity are essential factors driving the success of Netflix in attracting talented tech professionals.

What Makes Netflix the Best?

  • Employee Approval Ratings: Nearly 86% percent of professionals who work for Netflix claim that they are happy working for the company. With a solid rating of 4.5/5, Netflix employees are majorly satisfied with the compensation and perks offered at Netflix. In addition, they have the freedom to work at their pace and preferred programming languages. 
  • Salary and Benefits: The average base salary of a software engineer at Netflix Inc. is $246,697 per year, with salary hikes more due to merit and less dependent on market value.
  • Having spent over $1.5 billion on research and development in 2019 and generated a revenue of nearly $25 billion in 2020, Netflix presents itself as a lucrative tech company for tech professionals worldwide.
  • Netflix also offers other benefits in the form of free lunches, paternity or maternity leaves of up to 12 months, health, vision, and dental insurance, among others.

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Rating: 4.2/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: Given the nature of their services and their mission to “make humans multi-planetary,” SpaceX has more fans than critics, with employees being their biggest fans of all. 
  • Work-Life Balance: SpaceX has received glowing reviews from employees who report feeling honored to work at an innovative company that revolutionizes space exploration and unlocking possibilities to enable life on Mars. In the words of a software engineer, “I wake up every morning knowing that I’ll be proud to have been part of something like this.” 
  • As the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk commands 92% approval. However, work-life balance isn’t one of its strong traits, and employees also feel the company would benefit from a better approach towards senior management and leadership.

What Makes SpaceX the Best?

  • Employee Approval Rating: SpaceX is consistently ranked on Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work list based on employees’ choices. Employees at SpaceX are driven by passion and team spirit and supported by a powerful and diverse company culture to fulfill SpaceX’s mission. SpaceX World was acknowledged as the #1 Most Innovative Company in Space by the Fast Company in 2018. 
  • Salary and Benefits: Software engineers starting at SpaceX typically earn an average base salary of $112,645 annually, whereas senior software engineers earn up to $239,128 per year. 


Rating: 4.2/5

What People Are Saying

  • Company’s Goals: Twitter’s mission is to facilitate public conversation to keep people informed and aware. Twitter hires candidates irrespective of their identity and background; their focus is onboarding creative, honest, visionary, and enthusiastic Tweeps (as Twitter employees are called) who can take their mission forward. The company has dethroned Facebook several times to become the highest-paying social media company.
  • Work-Life Balance: Twitter offers employees valuable space to innovate and contribute meaningfully to the company’s future through consistent growth opportunities and a supportive and enabling work culture. Employees hail Twitter for its remarkable work ethics, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and work-life balance.
  • The environment is productive and competitive, and employees have ample opportunities to carve out a rewarding career path along with its non-hierarchical organizational structure.

What Makes Twitter the Best?

  • Employee Approval Rating: Twitter had implemented a two-year remote work policy even before the COVID-19 pandemic, providing employees the ability to be flexible with their work schedules. It has a 92% CEO approval and 76% positive business outlook on Glassdoor. 
  • Salary and Benefits: Software developers at Twitter can earn up to $266,415 per year. However, on average, their annual base salaries are $132,982. Job titles that command the highest salaries include reliability engineer, engineering manager, and data scientist, among others. 

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How to Prepare Yourself to Get Placed at These Tech Companies? 

Since every company has a different set of values and seeks to establish a unique culture to attain its goals, one should rely on a tailor-made approach towards the interview preparation process to increase their chances of success. 

For instance, Google prioritizes forward-thinking and innovation-driven candidates, whereas Netflix seeks out creativity, and GitHub is all about establishing a co-dependent community. Therefore, you should know what qualities companies (e.g., Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, etc.) seek to effectively devise your preparation strategy and succeed in landing your dream job.

Here are a few generalized pointers to keep in mind to get placed at top tech companies:

  1. Research the company you are applying to — from their mission, vision, values to the culture they seek to establish, learn everything you can about them. 
  2. Devise a meticulous interview preparation strategy based on the company and give yourself enough time to follow through.
  3. Increase your knowledge base in data structures, system design, and algorithms.
  4. Practice whiteboard coding until you feel confident about your problem-solving skills. You can also participate in coding challenges or sign up for boot camps to enhance your coding prowess. 
  5. Do not hesitate to seek help from knowledgeable professionals, former or current employees, who have experience and can guide you with helpful insights.
  6. Study the most commonly asked questions and prepare winning answers to them. Questions asked will be targeted to gain insight into behavioral traits and skills that companies deem worthy in a candidate, so it’s a good idea to consult industry experts on this one.
  7. Take up mock interviews to overcome anxiety, identify weak areas and improve on it.
  8. Work on your communication and interpersonal skills to positively influence the recruitment process.

Apart from making sure you are a perfect fit for their culture, companies also want to ensure that they are the right fit for you. This helps them determine how likely you are to stay with them in the long term. Therefore, look up their products, employees, and core mission to determine if your goals align with the visions of the best technology companies to work for. If you find yourself resonating with a company’s values, it will help you demonstrate your skills effectively and result in a higher satisfaction rate during your career.

Need Help With Your Tech Interview Prep?

Since its inception in 2014, Interview Kickstart has helped thousands of experienced engineers realize their true calling. We aim to help engineers get better acquainted with the intricacies of their chosen field and provide them with all the guidance they need to clear interviews with tech giants. 

Knowing very well that clearing an interview requires much more than sound technical knowledge, we train you in a manner that helps you develop a winner's stride. With a comprehensive curriculum, unmatched teaching methods, FAANG+ instructors, and sound career coaching, IK is your golden ticket to land the job you deserve.

Want to learn more? Sign up for our FREE webinar on how to nail your next tech interview.

Last updated on: 
September 22, 2023

Vartika Rai

Product Manager at Interview Kickstart | Ex-Microsoft | IIIT Hyderabad | ML/Data Science Enthusiast. Working with industry experts to help working professionals successfully prepare and ace interviews at FAANG+ and top tech companies

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