Teachers, not preachers

Teaching has to be the most important, yet most under-appreciated job of the century. But not for us.

We firmly believe that subject depends on the teacher. A good teacher will get you interested in their topic. A good teacher grips the attention of a class, nearly every single time. They form the core of Interview Kickstart.

We hence spend a considerable amount of time in finding and vetting good teachers. We then pay them outrageously well, and hold them accountable.

Our teachers share our core beliefs. They have core programming background, have a great handle on their topics and have cracked some of the toughest interviews in the field. They have either full-time jobs or their own startups, which helps them keep a pulse on the latest interviewing trends. And of course, they have interviewed hundreds of candidates at their current and previous workplaces.

Most importantly, they love to teach, to help and to see others succeed. Meet some of them below.

Yuval S.

Box, Google, Microsoft

Geeta C

Google, Stanford

Yannis M

Apple, Bloomberg, Microsoft

Murali S

Box, Microsoft


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