Method of instruction

While the right Curriculum is very important, the key is in how rigorously it is delivered. Time and again, research has shown, that repetitious, deliberate practice with immediate feedback, is what eventually wins. We’ll do the same in an interview-like setting. Over and over again, until your mind shifts.

Curriculum is divided into topics or modules. We’ll practice each topic in three different ways: 

Teacher/Coach: The teacher will spend about 4 hours discussing interview problems for that topic. They will cover anywhere from 4 to 8 problems, depending on how the class responds. They won't spoon feed solutions though. They'll show you how to think about them. There will be serious peer-brainstorming, and code writing in the class!

Challenging homework problems with support and grading: Each take-home assignment will have anywhere from 8 to 12 problems. We’ll expect you to write code for each of them, in an online coding tool. 

Weekly Timed Tests: Coding tests, with multiple-choice questions, timed to an hour. 

Mock Interviews
: We’ll spend 12+ hours doing mock interviews, with ample feedback. The kind of deep feedback you'd not get anywhere else.

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